Clippers considering trading Eric Bledsoe to Jazz

ESPN is reporting that the Los Angeles Clippers are considering trading former UK star Eric Bledose to Utah for Paul Millsap.

An excerpt:

Sources with knowledge of the situation told late Saturday there is a level of mutual interest between the Clippers and Utah Jazz in exploring a deal that would feature Bledsoe as the headliner in a trade package for Jazz forward Paul Millsap.

Although two sources with knowledge of the Clippers’ thinking insisted during All-Star Weekend that Bledsoe would not be moved in coming days and strongly predicted L.A. would stand pat, two other sources indicated the Clippers and Jazz will at least discuss the feasibility of a trade headlined by Bledsoe and Millsap before the deadline.

The story also states that until now the Boston Celtics had been the most ardent pursuer of Bledsoe.

Yahoo says Bledsoe would be a nice fit with the Jazz.

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