Three-spot from UK basketball media opp (Florida)

Three quick notes from the UK basketball media opportunity today previewing Florida.

1. Life lessons. It’s John Calipari’s theme these days and, yes, the coach mentioned it again today in his pre-practice press conference. The coach said he was going to talk to his team about selfishness. It’s pretty basic stuff, but Calipari keeps saying this is stuff his players have not gone through before. Sort of reminds me of the book “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”┬áCalipari’s team is so young, he’s going over the same sort of lessons “every day,” he said.

2. Florida is physical, too. Auburn used a physical style — “competitive,” according to Auburn coach Tony Barbee after the game — to play Kentucky on Saturday, but Calipari said Florida plays that way all the time. And the Gators do know how to defend. As a rule, they have been holding opponents right at or under 60 points. Florida’s opponents are shooting just 37 percent for the season and averaging just 52.7 points a game.

3. More Archie Goodwin.┬áThere was more discussion about the freshman guard, who has struggled of late. Goodwin is putting in the effort in practice and hustling in games. But Calipari said that Goodwin, who played just 17 minutes last game, still doesn’t quite get it. “You have to lose yourself in the team, and that’s where he’s not yet. Anything he does out there, he’s doing it rather than doing it for the team.”

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