Rick Pitino’s record in late-game situations

Since Louisville’s five-overtime loss to Notre Dame in that Saturday night marathon, there has been a lot of talk about how the Cards squandered a late lead and let the game go into the first overtime, then missed multiple opportunities to win the game in any of the multiple overtimes.

This brings up the nagging age-old question about Rick Pitino and how he manages a game, especially in end-of-game situations.

The U of L blog Card Chronicle has gone back and studied how Louisville has fared in exactly those situations over the last five years.

The critieria studied is when Louisville has the “ball in one-possession games and less than 30 seconds (or so) on the game clock.”

The findings:

Assuming I did not miss any games (a bold assumption) and that I counted correctly, we are 23-15 in these games. However, I don’t think that’s the telling stat. In the late-game situations I included, we made plays in 18 of them and didn’t make plays in 31 of them. That’s a success rate of 36.7%. I don’t know the rate around the rest of the country (who here can get in touch with Ken Pomeroy?), but Rick Pitino should be better than that.

By the way, how did Pitino recover from the loss? He was in Miami on Sunday for the Heat-Lakers game and was seen in the Lakers lockerroom chatting with Steve Nash.

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