E-mailbag: “The Kentucky Effect” and Jarrod Polson

About my column on Jarrod Polson, Jeff e-mails:

Let’s call it the “being raised on Kentucky basketball effect” or the “native Kentuckian effect”. You need people on the team that really know what Kentucky basketball is about rather than just a stop on the way to “the league”.

Perhaps it would be nice to see Calipari open up the walk-on spots to people with a vested pride in Kentucky basketball rather than awarding scholarships to kids who have absolutely no chance of ever making a contribution (or for that matter even being able to touch the rim) or know anything about growing up loving Kentucky basketball.

It seems we could do a lot better and be a little more loyal to kids that grew up in Kentucky rather than dragging along the sons of buddies that have no affection for Kentucky basketball.

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