About that Duke chant: It didn’t happen

It’s all over the internet this morning that Duke students chanted “How’s your Grandma” at North Carolina State player Tyler Lewis, who recently lost his Grandmother.

But Laura Keeley, who covered Duke’s 98-85 win over the Wolfpack at Cameron Indoor Stadium for the Raleigh News and Observer, says the chant never happened.

She writes:

Speaking of the crowd in Cameron, there seems to be some confusion about a particular Cameron Crazies cheer—or should I say, an imaginary cheer—directed at Tyler Lewis. In the second half, when Lewis was at the free throw line, the students chanted, “past your bedtime.”

I’d suspect that’s because Lewis, a freshman, is a shorter guy, listed at 5-11. And hey, when you’re already young and standing next to people about a foot taller than you, you can look childlike.

I actually sent out a Tweet when this happened. Check the time stamp.

For reasons unknown, though, some Internet folks have decided that the Crazies were really saying, “How’s your Grandma?” in reference to Lewis’ grandmother that died last week. That’s just false.

There was no such chant.

USA Today has a video in which you can hear a chant, but the wording of the chant is inconclusive at best.

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  1. Funk says:

    She. Is. A. Duke. Grad.

  2. Juan4UK says:

    I guess the title should be About that chant: It did in fact happen. KSR has the video with audio from YouTube

  3. bob says:

    I’m going to have to disagree. I listened to the audio and, in my heart of hearts, wanted to give Duke student section the benefit of the doubt. Unless if the pronounce “bedtime” with a “short ‘a’”sound in Durham, they did chant “how’s your grandma.”

  4. Raul Clement says:

    And the other five reporters she asked were also Duke grads?

  5. John Clay says:

    I’ve seen the video and you can’t tell anything by that. I don’t hear a “grandma” chant. Other stories have said that a few students were yelling it at Lewis, not a chant from entire student section.

  6. Aaron says:

    funny thing is , it did happen. as usau; reporters will cover for Dook. the video and many other people there say it did happen.

  7. John Clay says:

    Even Lewis’ father said it was a few immature students. It was not a Cameron Crazies chant.

  8. Juan4UK says:

    So John you are saying it did happen? A few or not….it happened. Anything else on this Raul? Anything to add?

  9. Juan4UK says:

    you know what John, I apologize for flaming your blog. I respect your work and your opinions. My position remains that I believe it did happen, to whatever extent, I believe that some minority did it. The point is, it was classless by a fan presence and school that is held by much of the media to be without blemish.

  10. John Clay says:

    You’re not flaming my blog.

  11. YHUKJG says:

    You can hear it on the video