What does the RPI have against Kentucky?

With regards to Kentucky, there is a bit of a disparity out there among the computer ratings. For example:

  • Jeff Sagarin’s Computer Rankings for USA Today has Kentucky ranked 16th. The Cats are behind Creighton and ahead of Cincinnati. They are second among SEC schools. Sagarin has Florida ranked No. 1 overall, ahead of Michigan, Kansas and Indiana.
  • Ken Pomeroy, who bases his rankings on tempo-free offensive and defensive calculations, ranks Kentucky at No. 17, behind Michigan State and ahead of Colorado State. Pomeroy has UK ranked as the 23rd best offensive team in the country and the 25th best defensive team. He has Florida No. 1 overall, as well, with Indiana, Michigan, Louisville and Duke rounding out his top five.
  • The world-famous RPI has UK all the way down at No. 49, however, behind UMass and ahead of Temple. The RPI has Duke at No. 1, followed by Miami, Kansas, Arizona and Florida. Louisville is 12th in the current RPI. Belmont sits at No. 15.
A couple of years ago, I served on the Mock NCAA Tournament Selection Committee, and it was stressed over and over there that the RPI was not the be-all, end-all to the process. It was just more data that you could use to make a good decision on whether to include or exclude a particular team. But you have to wonder why the discrepancy with regards to Kentucky this season.


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