Video: Nerlens Noel on almost being the 6th man

Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel is asked about the play near the end of the LSU game in which there appeared to be six Cats on the floor as Archie Goodwin was about to in-bounds the basketball. At the last second, assistant coach John Robic pulled Noel off the floor.

The LSU coaches asked the officials to watch a replay of the play to see if Noel was off the floor before Goodwin was handed the basketball. The officials did not.

SEC director of officials Gerald Boudreaux issed a statement saying:

Rule 7, Section 6, Artilce 1 of the NCAA rule book states that ‘the throw-in team shall have team control wheen the ball is at the disposal of a player entitles to the throw-in.’

The officiating crew ruled that when the ball was handed to the player for the throw-in, five players were on the court for each team.

The officials left the areana without making a statement about the play in question. I will personally address this situation and will make sure that this will not happen again.

The officials were Antinio Petty, Lee Cassell and Forrest Sigler.

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