Is Archie Goodwin taking too much of the blame?

When Kentucky loses a basketball game, any basketball game, then someone has to take the blame. In this day and time, such is the apparent purpose of twitter and after UK’s 59-55 loss to Alabama in Tuscaloosa, #BBN formed a quick consensus on which player should shoulder the most fault.

Poor Archie Goodwin.

The freshman guard was two-of-12 from the floor and most of the missed shots appeared to be out-of-control drives to the basket in which the Arkansas native mistakenly thought he could either (a) draw a foul or (b) make the highly-contested shot.

“If they are not going to call those (fouls), then Archie needed to pull up or shoot around them,” UK coach John Calipari said after the game. “I just kept telling him and he just kept going.”

Unfortunately, Goodwin’s penchant for unsuccessful drives on Tuesday fit in with his growing reputation of being a guard who shoots first and passes only when he has no other option. That reputation seemed to intensify in the Tennessee game at Rupp last week, especially when Goodwin attempted and missed a posterize dunk when he had teammate Ryan Harrow wide open on the wing.

Goodwin played much smarter in the Cats’ win at Auburn on Saturday, earning praise from Calipari for a “less-is-more” approach to his shot selection. That turned out to be a one-game thing, however.

I took up for Goodwin on twitter after the game, only because I didn’t think the freshman was totally to blame for the loss. Kentucky had no offensive rhythm in the second half. And looking back it, a cold start to the second half was the real killer. After building a 33-24 halftime lead, the Cats gave it right away by failing to score a field goal in the first 7:58 of the second half. Alabama went on an 11-1 un to take the lead.

My defense of Goodwin received quite a bit of twitter blowback, of course. Kentucky fans don’t like to lose, especially a game in which the #BBN believed it should have won.

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  1. Jon says:

    I’m confused as to why Cal lets him, or any other guy not listening, play so much. I would much rather see Beckham or Hood come in for 5 minutes while Goodwin thinks about what he’s doing.

    I had really thought Kentucky was going to have a deep team this year too. What’s going on with the bench?

  2. krautdog says:

    It wouldn’t be so bad if it was an occasional event but it’s repetitive(Auburn game excepted). Too much of a “Goodwin”!

  3. Dave / New Mexico says:

    This season is a total embarrassment unless UK can win the SEC tourney. Is Archie to blame? Not entirely. The expectations for this group were way to high from the outset. I’m just wondering what UK is going to do with all the undrafted players. Right now, I only see one first round draft pick and that’s Nerlens.

  4. fred wilhite says:

    Every time Archie drove in the lane I would be screaming pass the ball. Once again he didn’t listen and took it in way to deep; only to have the ball put back in his face. Nothing wrong with driving it to the goal; but after a couple times of falling on your face and wishing for a foul to be called even the avg high school player would understand that I need to pull up and shoot or maybe pass the ball. If I was his team mate I wouldn’t even throw the ball to him! Ok, maybe just during a practice to show him what he does alot to much! Maybe Archie should have stayed in Arkansas; because he would fit right in with the razorbacks; meaning he is the worst ball HOG I have seen in a while. Please play as a team guys!

  5. Ancie says:

    It’s simple Archie is selfish and not a team player. Consistently he takes bad shots and NEVER looks for a teammate!!

  6. Neil A. says:

    The definition of insane is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Evidently Goodwin is nuts, what else could be the reason? He is on a talented team with one of the best coaches in the game and he won’t learn a thing. His thought process is that what he was doing got him here and will get him the the NBA where he will wash out and be in Europe in less than thress years. See Ya!