Mark Stoops: “Base of program is recruit, recruit, recruit”

Just heard the Mark Stoops interview on KSR and WLAP this morning and a couple of things stuck out from what was said by the new UK football coach.

Stoops broke down his philosophy this way:

The base of our program is going to be recruit, recruit, recruit. Develop the players that are here, develop them and we’re going to do that and we’re going to have a great structure around them to develop the players that are here and we’re going to develop the players as a whole person, help them every way of their life. That’s the basis of the program. We felt like we can get that done here at Kentucky.”

And about new facilities, the coach said this:

“All of us have big, fancy buildings, some of us nicer than others. We’re going to improve on certain things, but we have adequate facilities to get started, to build a quality team. Do we want to improve them? Sure. And we will. But I think all places have big, fancy buildings and all that. It’s about who’s in the building. Who’s going to affect these players? Who’s going to affect them each and every day and whether they believe you’re going to get it done or not.”

Program note: I’ll be involved in a sit-down interview with Stoops this afternoon. Look for a column at and posts on the blog later today.

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