Kentucky has beaten two teams with winning records

When Kentucky basketball was ranked No. 3 in the pre-season somehow no one had the foresight to think that here at the midway point of January, the Cats would be right in the middle of NCAA Tournament bubble talk. And yet here we are.

The Cats improved to 11-5 overall and 2-1 in the SEC with that 75-65 win over Tennessee on Tuesday night. The problem, however, is that the 11 teams that Kentucky has beaten just aren’t very good. The season-opening win over Maryland is the victory with the most marquee value and that’s not saying much, not when the Terps are 1-2 in the ACC heading into tonight’s game against North Carolina State.

In fact, the win over Tennessee was just the second by Kentucky over a team that currently has a winning record. The Vols may be 0-3 in the SEC but they are 8-7 overall.

Of UK’s 11 beaten foes, eight are 200-plus in both the Sagarin ratings and the RPI.

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  1. Tom says:

    John, that’s the non-tradiational scheduling.
    Who would have even thought a coach at Kentucky would dodge anyone, anywhere at anytime?
    We got one who is finding out his name isn’t going to carry the ball when it comes to rankings, and probably seedings.
    Shame us some more Cal.

  2. Gary Ousley says:

    Come on, give these guys a break. They’re freshmen, with on clear leader. They are developing, and if given the proper traditional time together, could be national champions; alas, that will not happen. Cal has to find a winning combination of single-year players, and support guys who will stay around and provide experience and leadership, as well as skill and athleticism. Stop “running the table” on recruits. Last year was a fluke, but the 1st-year players of last year where veterans when they came in, ready to play the NBA. Just remember, they’re only kids, not paid professionals. Relax, and enjoy the ride.