Kentucky’s 10 worst home losses over last 10 years

Kentucky’s 83-71 loss to Texas A&M on Saturday was just the second home loss in the John Calipari Era, an amazing stat considering Cal is already in his fourth season as the UK basketball coach.

On the flip side, however, it was the fourth biggest loss, in terms of margin, of the last 10 years. By my count, Kentucky has lost 22 games in Rupp Arena over that 10-year stretch. Only four of those losses were double-digit defeats.


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  1. Mark Liptak says:


    Nice to see you back, hope all is well.

    Saw a ‘tweet’ yesterday that perfectly captured the moment, it went something like: “Rupp Arena…creating one game All-Americans since 1976…”

    Like I said months ago, all is not lost, they’re on course to win 22 games or so, make the NCAA’s and maybe even get to the Sweet 16. But some guys who think they are easily headed to the NBA are going to have to do a double take, stick around for another year to give already one of the best recruiting classes in history additional depth and experience.

    Next season is going to be epic.

    Mark Liptak

  2. Ghost of Rupp says:

    How about the VMI loss? That is the worst loss of all.