John Calipari is not happy with “greatest ever” talk

John Calipari isn’t happy with scouts and fans calling Kentucky’s Class of 2013 commitments potentially the best recruiting class in history.

He posted a blog post about it tonight.

An excerpt:

With that being said, you can’t say that next year’s class is the best ever before they’ve even gotten here. We’re not even done yet. We may still sign another kid or two, but that’s not the point. Let them get here, let them figure out how hard they have to work and then let them figure out how together they’re going to have to be – how they’re truly going to have to be their brother’s keeper.

Like every team I’ve had, they are going to have to learn how to play more for their team than for themselves, yet they’re going to have to break comfort barriers that they’ve accepted their whole lives. Every game will be the other team’s Super Bowl.

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