Video: Charlie Strong takes it to David Pollack

There is nothing a coach loves more than someone in the media, even a former football player in the media, telling a coach’s team that it can’t beat another team. You know, ┬áthe haters or the doubters or the non-believers. The coach especially loves it when his team proves the media person wrong.

Last night at the Sugar Bowl, that coach was Louisville’s Charlie Strong and that media person was ESPN’s David Pollack, the former Georgia linebacker who predicted that Florida would win by 15 but it would feel like a 30-point win.

Afterward, Strong had his told-you-so moment.

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  1. operationruse says:

    Good for Strong. The talking heads were way overrating Florida (who nearly lost at home to Louisiana Laffayette). Nobody saw the whipping UL laid on Florida coming, but I thought the line was way too high. Qb was the difference. Bridgewater is one of the best in the country. Driskell, not so much.

  2. don hollstein says:

    David don’t know nothing about football, he runs his mouth about Notre dame all the time he is a hater that never ended up being nothing but a loud mouth has been that never was