Did Kentucky intentionally switch free throw shooters?

On an afternoon in which the Cats missed more free throws (12) than they made (11), Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo examines whether UK pulled a switcharoo at the line in the first half.

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  1. GW says:

    I thought something was wrong when I saw the play happen in the game, but looking at the replay I think it should have been Poythress at the line. I think it is actually the referees that switch them.

  2. Robert Siegel says:

    Of course we cheated! Who wouldn’t want to send Poythress to the line? Poythress had already missed 3 out of 4 free throws in the game so we put him up there because he was bound to hit one eventually right? I’m sorry but it makes no sense.

  3. Dan Fagin says:

    Overall, an excellently officiated game.