The inevitable John Calipari to the Nets talk

As soon as news broke this afternoon that Avery Johnson had been fired as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, you knew it would happen.

John Calipari to the Nets?

Rob Dauster of College Basketball Talk floats the possibility, using Calipari’s friendship with minority Nets’ owner Jay-Z as a connection that could lead Calipari to the Big Apple.

Then at the end Dauster throws cold water on the whole idea, writing, “With the recruiting class that he has coming in next year, I don’t think it would be smart for Cal to leave. A perfect season is a real possibility.”

I still think Calipari would like to prove he can coach in the NBA. He’s a competitor, after all. And the Kentucky job can wear any coach down, even John Calipari. But I can’t see him going to Brooklyn. Not right now.

Update: Ken Berger of CBS Sports writes, “John Calipari? Given minority owner Jay-Z’s relationship with the Kentucky coach … oh, let me stop myself right there. Sources say the answer to whether the Nets will consider Calipari is an unequivocal no. Moving on ..”

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