Study shows #bbn tweets swamp #L1C4 tweets

A group of geographers at UK have figured out a way to track and map tweets to the point where the group earned some national publicity for tracking the number and location of anti-Obama tweets after this year’s presidential election.

Now the site Floating Sheep has turned its attention to Saturday’s Kentucky-Louisville basketball game.

In a blog post today, the authors have investigated the hashtags #bbn for Kentucky and #L1C4 for Louisville and found that the Big Blue Nation is much more popular, at least in the twitterverse, than Louisville First, Cards Forever.

From June 21, 2012 to December 20, 2012, nearly five times as many tweets contained the #bbn hashtag compared to the #L1C4 hashtag.

Even more interesting, the number of tweets originating from Louisville containing #bbn topped the number of tweets originating from Louisville that contained #L1C4.

Alas, the well-researched post is followed by a delusional comment from a Kentucky fan, but that is no reason to avoid reading it.

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