Part 2: Neal Brown on quarterbacks and style of play

Here is the second clip of new UK offensive coordinator Neal Brown talking to the media today.

A couple of highlights:

On Mark Stoops telling him to take the interviews for head coaching jobs: “That really told me what kind of guy he was. He said go through the process, and when he said, ‘I’ve been in your shoes’ — a lot of times coordinators step into the head coaching position and everything changes, they forget what it’s like to be a coordinator. Here’s a guy that’s being pulled in a lot of different directions and when he said that, I remember getting off the phone and telling my wife, ‘Hey, this is a good guy. This is a good person. This is a guy who understands what we’re doing on a day-to-day basis. I can work for him. I want to work for him.'”

On what he told UK’s three quarterbacks: “Let’s get better.”

On offense run here in the past: “They were spread the first two or three games, until Max got hurt I think they had a lot of spread principles. We’re going to fit our system to the guys that we’ve got.”

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