Joker Phillips won’t coach in Sugar Bowl

Former Kentucky head coach and now Florida wide receivers coach Joker Phillips will not coach with the Gators in the Sugar Bowl.

Phillips is not coaching in Florida’s pre-bowl practices either, as the Gators get ready to play Louisville on January 2. Instead, Phillips has been recruiting and busy breaking down tape of the current Florida receivers.

Grad assistant Bush Hamdam will coach the Florida receivers during the bowl game.

As for how Will Muschamp came to hire Phillips, the Florida coach said it was an easy decision.

“Obviously, it was unfortunate when he was let go there at Kentucky,” Muschamp said. “I called him and just told him I was thinking about him. As I continued to talk and think through it, I thought he would fit, if that’s what he wanted to do.

“You never know how someone will respond in those situations, whether they want to take a year off, or they want to get away for a little bit. I asked him point blank, ‘Would you be interested in coaching the Gators?’ He said. ‘I would, absolutely.’ So, pretty easy.”

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