Jim Boeheim celebrates milestone by talking gun control

There are many things to admire about Jim Boeheim. The Syracuse coach won his 900th game on Monday night. He's just the third in the history of the sport to accomplish that feat. That's one thing to admire. He never left Syracuse. That's another. He plays that trademark zone defense in an era when most believe you must play man-to-man. You have to admire that.

I have always admired this: The man is never afraid to speak his mind.

He did it again Monday night, the night when his Orange beat Detroit 72-68 for his milestone win, the night when he could have just basked in the glow of his achievement. He didn't do that. That's not Jim Boeheim.

Like everyone else, he had watched the heartbreaking, gut-wrenching coverage of the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings, and according to Mike Waters of the Syracuse Post-Standard, Boeheim had something to say.

“This will probably offend some people,” Boeheim said in his post-game press conference. “If we in this country as Americans cannot get the people that represent us to do something about firearms, we are a sad, sad society. I'm a hunter. I've hunted. I'm not talking about rifles. That's fine. If one person in the world, the NRA president, anbody, can tell me why we need assault weapons with 30 shots in the thing. This is our fault. This is my fault and your fault. All our faults if we don't get out there and do something about this.”

Vintage Boeheim, who is the Gregg Popovich of college hoops. He's good enough and been around long enough to say what he thinks. Or maybe Popovich is the NBA version of Jim Boeheim.

One more thing to admire about Boeheim, of course, is his wife, Juli, a UK graduate. She was at the press conference with the couple's small children.

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  1. Tom Seaver says:

    Perhaps this tool would do better to talk about what was probably the real reason for this horrific incident and that is mental illness. Given that Boeheim probably does not know the details of the situation (as most of us don’t), it’s easy to pop off to make it sound like you care. How many of the shooters have mental illness issues? Nice of Boeheim to join the chorus of ghouls to use this event to advance their agenda and to lecture us about how we should live our lives when the murdered innocents have not even been buried. Has Boeheim had any comments about the prevention of sexual abuse in recent memory and how we should not tolerate those that perpetrate it? I wonder why.

  2. John Clay says:

    I agree with Boeheim. There is no good reason for the availability of assault weapons. And if we can’t discuss this now, when can we discuss this?

  3. will says:

    “chorus of ghouls”

    Please. People speaking out on the issue who happen to think there is no valid explanation why civilians need access to weapons that have 30 round magazines are hardly “ghouls.” By the way, you seem pretty sure that mental illness is the reason for this tragedy. Mental illness occurs outside of the US, so I wonder why the US has more mass shootings per capita than other countries? Could the variable be easier access to assault weapons?

  4. BubbaG says:

    Jeepers John,

    You seem to be one of the knee jerkers. He could have done the same thing with the two pistols he had, or sling s few rifles and shotguns. All that will happen is law following people will end up with single shooters and the people that do not care about laws will get assualt weapons- regardless.

    Heck, our own government pushed guns to Mexico and the media did their best to keep this under wraps. I think the media is more the problem than the actual guns or the types of gun. The media seems to exploit and focus an agenda rather than help fix the actual problems. Why, I suggest the media to some degree is part of the problem.

    I still think you rock as a sports dude, but please focus on what you are great at :)

  5. Steve Cole says:

    What’s the definition of control? The 2nd amendment was created for freedom and to protect against a tyrannical govt. It wasn’t created for hunters. This terrible tragedy was a result of mental illness and a community feeling way to safe and comfortable. There is no way this devil should have been able to get 3 weapons of that caliber into ANY school. I see no reason for an individual to own multiple assault weapons either but I imagine several young lives would have been saved if the teacher/principle would have had proper training and a weapon at their disposal.

  6. BubbaG says:

    The focus should be on all the family’s loss of loved ones, and why this happened, rather than the things used to do a very evil and tragic thing.

  7. John Clay says:

    In other words, Bubba, you’re saying if I don’t agree with your opinion you don’t want to hear my opinion.

  8. BubbaG says:


    People that want to “express” their “angst” and do evil things will use other means. It is not the device used, but the actual result that is the “goal” of the person.

    Of course, the focus will be assault weapons and video games, since all tangible and easy targets rather than “why” these things happen. The “why” is the root cause.

    BTW, I did not mean to insult JC with the “knee jerker” comment. Free speech rocks!

  9. BubbaG says:


    Fair point on your opinion, since the way I came across was LAME. Not the intent. You are one of the few folks I link to on the web, since I appreciate your opinion and this changes nothing on your rock star status with me.

    My sincere apologies! :)

  10. Tom Seaver says:

    The AR-15 is not an assault weapon. An assault rifle is a rifle that is capable of full auto fire or burst fire (typically a three round burst). The AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that cannot fire full auto or in a burst fire. Just because it looks like its military equivalent makes it scary to some people. It would be good for an honest discussion if people actually use the definitions attached with words.

    As far as having more shooting per capita, perhaps one of the variables is untreated or unmanaged mental illness? That would be a legitimate point of discussion at a later date. Let the families bury their children and loved ones before clamoring for something that would not impact a criminal. Perhaps these well-intentioned people should advocate passing a law banning murder? Or a law requiring that every law be obeyed?

  11. Bigslap says:

    Is this a sports blog or a political blog? Oh, political, I see. Let me ask then, did we ban box cutters or the replaceable blades after 911? No we didn’t did we. I believe we blamed the people that carried out the attack. What did we do next? Improved security on the outside of what was attacked and hardened the entry doors to the cockpit. I really like John as well, but maybe stick to sports on the sports blog.

  12. John Clay says:

    If you want to stick to “sports on a sports blog” then why are you offering a non-sports opinion?

  13. Bigslap says:

    Because you started it. I don’t need to come back either.

  14. will says:

    “Why are you blogging about X” has got to be the lowest form of commenting on the internet. If you don’t like something a blog is writing about, then it’s simple: move along.