Liveblog: Kentucky-Portland basketball

Here at Rupp Arena for today’s Kentucky-Portland game. Tipoff is scheduled for noon. The game is being televised by ESPN2. For twitter updates follow me at @johnclayiv.

Final: Kentucky 74, Portland 46

Final box

2H-2:01 Kentucky up 66-44. Too busy answering tweets about Tuberville and Neal Brown to give you much more than that.

2H-4:16 Kentucky pushes lead to 60-39. Harrow has scored five straight points, including hitting a three from the right wing. He has eight points and three assists in 21 minutes.

2H-7:35 Kentucky leads 52-35.

2H-9:47 Kentucky extends lead to 50-31 on a Noel dunk. And Portland calls a full timeout. Poythress leads UK with 15 points. Wiljter and Mays each have 10.

2H-11:39 Kentucky leads 46-29. Portland has 14 turnovers, UK 12. Here is box.

2H-12:49 Kentucky up 43-29. Calipari is continuing his workout. Kyle Wiltjer just scored while being fouled, but the UK coach didn’t notice. He was screaming at Noel for not moving his feet. We here on press row are distracted and stunned by the news that Tommy Tuberville leaving Texas Tech to Cincinnati. This could hold up search for UK offensive coordinator in that Neal Brown could be considered for the job, which might push his decision-making back. The word is Brown was going to give Mark Stoops an answer this weekend.

2H 15:51 Kentucky up 39-26. Cats are off to a sluggish start this half. UK has made just two of six shots. Portland has made three of six. Noel and Poythress have UK’s two baskets.

Halftime Kentucky 35, Portland 20 Calipari not a happy camper the first half despite his team’s 15-point lead. He kept the official scorebook busy with multiple substitutions. Poythress led Kentucky with 11 points. Noel has five rebounds.

Here’s the first-half box.

Calipari is a little frustrated.

1H-3:27 Kentucky leads Portland 31-19. Calipari must be getting in his conditioning durign the game. He’s been up off the bench since the opening tip. We’ve seen a lot of players-out, players-in after mistakes. He’s operating with a very short leash. Cats are hitting 47.8 percent from the floor. Portland is shooting 32 percent. UK did have a 16-0 run to take a 26-10 lead.

1H-7:56 Kentucky up 24-10 on Portland. The Cats are on a 14-0 run. During this timeout, the 1996 national champions came out on the floor to be recognized. Standing ovation. Poythress leads UK with nine points. Wiltjer has seven and has hit a three, which brought a big response from the Rupp crowd. Portland hasn’t scored since the 12:33 mark.

1H-11:44 Kentucky leads Portland 13-10 after Alex Poythress nailed a three-pointer from the right corner. Portland had tied it 10-10 on a drive by Ryan Nicholas. UK has made five of 12 shots for 41.7 percent. Portland is is four of 13 from the floor. Poythress leads UK with five points. Mays has four. Wiltjer missed an open three from the right wing and crowd groaned.

1H-15:49 Kentucky leads Portland 6-5. Nerlens Noel appears to be limping slightly. Calipari pulled Archie Goodwin after the freshman didn’t pass ahead right away on a fast break. By the time he did it was a turnover. UK has made three of six shots. Portland has made two of four. Harrow checked in for Goodwin. Poythress, Wiltjer and Mays have all scored for the Cats.

Starters Kentucky staters are, as usual, Nerlens Noel, Archie Goodwin, Alex Poythress, Kyle Wiltjer and Julius Mays. Portland starting Kevin Bailey, Thomas Van Der Mars, Korey Thieleke, Ryan Nicholas and David Carr.

Officials The officials today are Tony Greene, Terry Moore and Vladimir Voyard-Tadal. Greene worked the Kentucky-Duke game in Atlanta. Moore worked the UK-Lamar game last season. This is the first UK game Voyard-Tadal has worked.

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