E-mailbag: Mark Stoops vs. Bret Bielema

A friend sent me this e-mail this morning:

Your column today stating you would take Mark Stoops over Gus Malzahn or Bret Bielema tells me that you’ve been drinking the Big Blue Kool-Aide too long. I wish Stoops success, but take off the big blue glasses, they are clouding your thinking.

Two coaches with head coach success. One a young “up and comer” as you note. The other a major conference champion.

You’ve got to stop hanging around Matt Jones. All things are not blue.

I responded that the Matt Jones line was a low blow.

But I admit I did not do a good job of explaining myself. I don’t think Mark Stoops is a better coach than someone who has won three Big Ten titles. What I meant to say was that given who you thought the schools could have gotten as head coaches, I think Stoops is as good a fit if not a better fit than the coaches Arkansas and Auburn hired.

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