Tim Couch thinks Neal Brown would be interested in UK

Heard Tim Couch this morning on the Leach Report, where the former UK quarterback, who was a big part of the process that brought Mark Stoops to Lexington, had a couple of interesting things to say.

Do you think Texas Tech offensive coordinator Neal Brown would be interested in coming to UK?

“I really think he would. I think if Neal’s going to be a candidate that’s someone that Coach Stoops would like to talk to. Neal being a Kentucky kid, a former teammate of mine, a wide receiver here back in the Hal Mumme days, I’m sure he would be interested in coming back home. He’s done a great job at Texas Tech. He has the No. 2 pass offense in the country right now and he’s one of the young hot coordinator names in the country right now. He really does a nice job. He has a nice feel for calling plays and he has that Mike Leach and Hal Mumme system behind him. I think he would definitely be interested if Coach Stoops is interested in talking to him.”

My note: I’m hearing that Stoops does want to talk to Neal Brown and that will happen very soon.

What impressed you about Coach Stoops’ plan? 

“I think he has a nice recruiting plan, No. 1. His ties to Northeast Ohio, I think that’s an area, him being from Youngstown, that’s an area we need to hit harder, we can hit harder. Get some of those guys that want to play in the SEC. I really like that aspect. And also his ties to Florida. He’s been at Florida State for a few years and certainly has strong ties to that area, certainly which would help us, as well.”

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