Could Joker Phillips end up at Florida?

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  1. operationruse says:

    It may be petty, but I would be very disappointed if Joker took an SEC East job or a job on the Louisville staff in the next two years. Much has been made of Joker’s loyalty to UK during this season. From my standpoint, if he took one of those jobs, it would demonstrate those statements were extremely naive. UK is paying Joker a good deal of money the next two seasons not to coach. If he takes one of those jobs, we are paying him not to coach for us while someone else is paying him to recruit and coach against us. Did the UK administration not ever hear of a mitigation of damages clause?

    I do not begrudge Joker at all for taking the money that he is owed under a negotiated contract. I blame the administration for failing to at least get a home town discount from a coach who is cited as having undying loyalty to the program. If he does take one of those jobs, we should stop this silly loyalty talk when it comes to Joker. He is a football coach, not a fan. I hope he proves my cynical view wrong.

  2. Tom says:

    There would be a lot of worst jobs to have. Florida has an outstanding athletic program and it would be a better launching spot back to head coach than some of the other schools.

  3. operationruse says:

    Joker is a very good position coach, and I think he is actually a very good recruiter (AS A POSITION COACH).

    I would assume that this is the best offer out there for him. I doubt you will see him back as a head coach, at least at the BCS level. It would be very difficult if not impossible to go from a position coach to a head coaching position even at a small school, particularly with his resume. I think this goes to show the people touting Joker as a great OC were off base. It appears this will play out similarly to the way Randy Shannon’s career has gone since he was fired by Miami. Many fans wanted Shannon to be their DC (I know I did when the rumors were that he was coming here and we instead got Minter) but the people in the profession are not chomping at the bit to hire him for that position. That says something, doesn’t it? Contrast this with what I expect will happen with Ellis Johnson. He will most likely be a DC at a BCS school (FSU fans talking him up to replace Stoops).