Three-spot from UK media opp previewing Baylor

Three quick things from today’s UK basketball media opp:

1. E is for Effort. More than Thursday’s loss at Notre Dame, John Calipari seemed more disappointed in his team’s effort at South Bend. His team is young. It was the first true road game. Execution is going to be a problem under those circumstances. Effort and competitiveness should be a constant, and Calipari said he did not see the will to win or competitiveness he was looking for from his team. He said he was surprised that he didn’t see it. Thing is, last year’s team always competed. That was one of its hallmarks. This team is different and may have to learn to compete at the level necessary to win, especially on the road. That means getting loose balls, going hard to the boards, closing out on defense.

2. Archie Goodwin may not be his point guard. After saying Wednesday that Goodwin is his point guard, Calipari said Friday that he needs to get the freshman off the ball more. Goodwin was out of control against Notre Dame and had trouble going up against guards with 230+ career starts. So will we see more of Ryan Harrow at the point? Maybe. But Calipari mentioned Harrow and Jarrod Polson as playing the point at times, so that Goodwin can move to the two-guard.

3. No time to teach. With a 36-hour turnaround between the Notre Dame game on Thursday and the Baylor game on Saturday, Calipari said he didn’t have time to go full-bore into correcting problems. And Kentucky plays Samford next Tuesday. After that, however, there is a stretch from December 8 through December 29 in which the Cats play just four games. Final exams fall during that stretch. Otherwise, there will be time for the staff to bear down on fixing problems and improvement, especially leading up to the Louisville game Dec. 29 at the Yum Center.

Note: Calipari video is on the way.

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  1. Reload YaRight says:

    Well… it looks like this time around that all of those one-and-done H.S. all Americans aren’t going to be leading Jerry Springer’s fans (UK) to the promised land this year ! :-))

    Sometimes inferior coaching, even with superior talent, isn’t going to win you bball games.

  2. Allen Dean says:

    I think we are seeing the down side of the one and done system. In this system bench players who normally would play anywhere else never get the chance to develop because you are always going to play your high profile players. The problem manifested its self with this crop of freshmen because unlike the previous years, these guys are true immature freshmen. So that leaves you to have to rely on your bench……who you going to bring in? Becham? Polson? Hood? All guys who if they had gone somewhere else would have been solid college players because they would have real game experience, but not in this system. So fans will just have to deal with it because this team may not even make the tourney….yes I said it.

  3. larry d says:

    The one and done may not happen this year. They all could be returning next year.

  4. linda says:

    Allen, they will make the tournament. Maybe you need to get off the wagon. Coach Cal will get things straighten out. I do have a problem with Hood’s appearance, clean up your act because he doesn’t look like a UK player.

  5. Allen Dean says:

    Exactly! Can you imagine the team we will have next season!? Number 9………….

  6. thom adams says:

    And yes Allen, you did display your ignorance for all to read…

  7. Allen, please. UK won’t make the tourney? Stop being so melodramatic.

  8. badlld says:

    Thom, Are you a liberal? Because they usually start slinging insults instead of debating facts. I think Allen had some valid points.

  9. GW says:

    A November loss certainly brings out the haters and gloom and doom fans. They would have dumped George Washington after he fled from the Brits and Hessians at the Battles of Long Island and Manhattan. Push the panic button immediately!!!
    Just how many college games have all these experts coached? People were being negative and hating last year….Teague should be benched, Jones should be benched, etc. This years group is not as talented as last year, but they have potential to be very good….and I prefer they peak in March and early April….not in November. I think they have the athletic ability to be very good defensively….once they learn how to properly play “team defense”. Basketball defense is more complex in college and the pros than it was in high school and on the AAU circuit.