Sounds familiar: Auburn fan base split on Petrino

This sounds sharply familiar: Seems the Auburn fan base is split over whether the school should hire the disgraced but talented Bobby Petrino as its football coach.

Charles J. Dean of talked to Auburn fans and found there is a wide difference of opinion on whether Auburn should hire the former Tigers assistant who went on to success at Louisville and Arkansas, only to be fired by the Hogs after a personal and school scandal.

An area manager for a heating and air conditioning company told Dean there was no way he wanted Petrino.

“He’s not a moral man. I don’t care how many football games he has won,” he said.

But then another man, a carpenter, told Dean the exact opposite.

“Hell yes I’d hire Bobby Petrino in a heartbeat,” he said. “I’m not looking for a saint as a football coach.”

Of course, the same debate raged here from November 4, the day Joker Phillips was fired as football coach until November 27, the day it was announced, thankfully, that Kentucky had skipped over Petrino and hired Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops to be its new football coach.

Note: Colorado says it is not interested in Petrino.

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  1. brian says:

    IF AU hires Petrino they know he is going to win. They will also have to accept that there is baggage that comes from him. I don’t believe he will flirt with other jobs. The NFL is not going to hire him because of what happened with the Falcons. AU is probably one of the best 20 jobs in college football and in my opinion woul be a step up from Arkansas. I am one of the one that would have liked to see UK attempt to get him. I hope Barnhart made a good decision and not another Gillespie decision. We’ll know in a couple of years.