Update: Louisville joins ACC; what it means

ESPN is reporting via sources that the ACC has voted to add Louisville.

It’s a great move for U of L and its athletics program for a number of reasons.

First of all, it goes to a much better all-around conference than the Big East. Louisville can now develop basketball rivalries with Duke, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Virginia, and old Big East and impending ACC members Syracuse and Pittsburgh. In football, it’s a definite step up, with the Cards welcoming Florida State, Miami, Clemson, Georgia Tech, etc., into Cardinal Stadium on a consistent basis.

Don’t forget Notre Dame. The Irish is joining the ACC in all sports except football, and the Irish have agreed to play at least four ACC schools in football each year. Louisville should be in that rotation. And Louisville will now be able to continue to play Notre Dame in basketball.

The most important factor is that U of L now leaves the crumbling Big East, which is quickly turning into the old Conference USA. Tulane? Really? East Carolina? Snooze. Do we know if Boise State is in or out of the Big East?

As a bonus, this should help Tom Jurich keep Charlie Strong as football coach. One had to think Strong might be looking to leave, considering the Big East is likely to lose its BCS automatic qualifier status in two years. Strong can now recruit prospects on the idea of playing in a major conference.

And in basketball, we could get more Coach P vs. Coach K.

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  1. Tom says:

    Great for Louisville.
    Will be able to recruit much better in Florida and with their connections there will become a national contender.
    Kentucky should have gone to the ACC years ago.
    This will add ‘fire’ to the contests between UL and UK which will mean more TV exposure.
    Little Brother steps up big.

  2. dave says:

    This is a great move for U of L John. In fact in some ways it helps UK. Playing and beating Lou as member of the Big East isn’t as good as playing and beating Lou, a member of the ACC, That is in F-ball. . In basketball its about the same. However, I find it funny that Pitino was slamming Syr, Pitt, Boeheim in particular I believe for leaving the BE last year. Lou is doing what it needs to do to survive, which is good.

  3. Ryan says:

    If Kentucky were to ever move to the ACC if would help greatly improve the athletic program. Kentucky football could compete on a regular basis. Fans will fill up the studium. A team competing for an ACC championship is way better than a crappy team in the SEC. The basketball schedule would be better for the fans. It could lead to some more conference loses, but if you look at what the regular season truly is, a television product, then it really doesn’t matter. The team is still going to be in the tournament. The one sticking point is would the increase in football revenue outweigh the decrease in their portion of conference revenue.

  4. Steven says:

    The SEC missed out on a golden opportunity here. Bringing in Louisville would have brought another football rivalry to the conference and a legitimate basketball rivalry comparable to Duke/UNC.

  5. Dini says:

    Great news for Kentucky’s two biggest universities for athletics and great news for the fans that support them. There is tremendous upside for UofL and UK.

    Dave is right though, it’s fascinating how karma works.

  6. brian says:

    Tom you have got to be kidding? The SEC is on much more stable ground than the ACC. No matter how you slice it the SEC is one of the top3 conferences in college sports. The ACC is NOT. However, it is better than the BigXII because Texas makes the rules. BigEast is now officially the METRO/C-USA. UK wouldn’t compete in football in the ACC because it doesn’t want too. It would lose at ton of money by leaving. Look at Vandy, they are now 8-4 and going to a decent bowl. It can be done but the administration has got to want to compete. As far as basketball it’s not driving the bus. However, the SEC since 1993 has won 6 NCAA titles in basketball and is a top conference in that sport also. Tom people like you need to think before writing. Who in the right mind would leave a league for another league to make 10-15 million less a year. The new TV contract in the SEC, UK will make this much more money. IF Barnhart has hired the right coach in football, it won’t be long before UK starts to go 8-4 or 9-3 and they will be playing in New Years day games because the SEC has more access to bowl games than the ACC. LOOK it up.

  7. Ralph says:

    You almost have to feel sorry for little brother. They finally get an offer to leave the big east only to learn that the ACC will be imploding in the next few years. Md has already left and it is no secret that Fl St wants out. Now we hear that the SEC is courting NC and Duke. NC and Duke would be crazy to stick around in the ACC given the cash that the SEC has and will continue to have because of football.

  8. Tom says:

    Brian, check the SEC Championships in ALL sports and think again.
    Other than basketball we are an ‘also ran’ in about every other sport. Louisville took a big boy step and will face some of the best basketball teams in the country.
    Louisville’s Men Soccer finished runner up in the NCAA Championship. Final Four in the College World Series, Multiple Big East Championships in a variety of sports.
    List the accomplishments for UK in all sports compared to Louisville’s.
    They don’t seem to be hiding from Indiana or any one else in Basketball. Just joined the conference where they are going to be playing North Carolina, oh, we dropped them, for who, Samford?
    Louisville made a big time move. We are satisfied to stay in the SEC because of Basketball. Nothing else matters to us.
    Cal wouldn’t move to the ACC, too many good teams.
    He wants a watered down schedule where he can feed his ego about wins.

  9. Jim says:

    UK, UT and Vandy should head for the ACC if they ever hope to see a football conference title game (again, for UT). And the basketball would be what the Big East used to be, but moreso.

  10. paul streble says:

    The Big East was the premier conf. in America with the ACC a close second. Now the two have merged to create a ‘Super Conference’ Look for UConn and Cincy to be the next new members of the ACC