Update: Charlie Strong denies Auburn report

Update: Charlie Strong has denied to Pete Thamel that he interviewed for Auburn job.

Here’s original post:

The Birmingham News is reporting that Auburn has interviewed Louisville football coach Charlie Strong to replace the fired Gene Chizik.

“The interview took place in the last two days, al.com has learned, according to someone familiar with the process,” reports Charles Goldberg.

Strong has led Louisville to a 9-2 record and is 23-15 overall as the Cardinals’ coach. U of L plays at Rutgers on Thursday night with the winner taking the Big East title and a BCS bowl berth.

Goldberg also writes: “The university remains interested in three former Auburn assistants: Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino, Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher and Arkansas State coach Gus Malzahn, as well as TCU coach Gary Patterson and Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart.”

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  1. Jeremy Biggs says:

    In my opinion, the top candidates should stay away from the Auburn job. NCAA sanctions are coming and will cripple the program for a while.

  2. Shawn Johnson says:

    There are no sanctions coming, it was all a bunch of bologna that Auburn has already addressed and has already put the same people in question back on the recruiting trail in the past couple of days. The media has created a bunch of nothing about a few questions. No crippling of the program and the person coming will have a loaded cupboard of players. With the right coach Auburn plays for the National Championship again in the next 3 years.

  3. Brandon mitchell says:

    Well said Johnson!! We (Auburn) has one of the best guys that deals with sanctions and the ncaa…..he definately wouldnt swns Troop back out if something was still under investigation!

  4. Brian says:

    Any story written by Pete Thamel should be used as bird cage liner. UL has a game tomorrow, I am sure Strong has been interviewing in the last 48 hrs. Someone probably told him they interviewed the UL coach, meaning Petrino. Petrino will be @ Auburn next year.

  5. heath says:

    Ok dillusional AU fans. Your not going to win another championship for a long long time. You haven’t even scored on Alabama in two years. Y’all got so lucky in 2010. Without that criminal at qb you wouldn’t have beat miss st. The best advice I can give you is switch schools. Who ever AU gets its already too late Saban will have a 7 year head start. Your players haven’t even developed to division 1 material. Don’t get me wrong your good… When you play New Mexico State.. But then again who isn’t. The best you can hope for is Jimbo. He can’t even get it done in the ACC with number 1. 2. And 5. Recruiting classes. So please pick him. Knowing you will lose every year makes it that much more enjoyable for me. This year is great. Auburn is terrible. Cam newton is showing his true colors.gues his cammy cam juice ran out. Yep newton. superman hell no. Lex Luther yes indeed same haircut and everything.

  6. War Eagle Mom says:

    Unless one knows something the rest of us don’t, comments like “NCAA sanctions are coming” go beyond opinion into recklessness. The Auburn job may be one of the tougher ones available currently in college football, but considering the town, the talent and the Auburn Spirit, it’s the best. I bet even Gene Chizik would tell you that.

  7. "Wisdom" says:

    Folks remember, when an organization makes the decision to replace a leader, (for whatever reason) there is always a lot of “he say, she say, they say, I heard that when” and there is never any validity to it. This is how you change the guard w/o proper reasoning or w/o honest merit. That’s “The System” and no matter what, Auburn will remain a viable program as will the rest who axed Head Coaches most of whom just hit a bad time in their careers as does everyone……. Selah….

  8. Glen Hackney says:

    I love how pathetic Alabama fans have been over this whole situation. You guys are about to play for your 2nd SEC championship and possibly 3rd national title in 4 years and all you can think about is Auburn? Cam played 3 seasons ago and he obviously still occupies a lot of your thought life. Maybe you got a taste for something when he stuck it in you back in 2010 and now you find that you are just missing something, and can’t put your finger on it, like feelings have been awakened in you that you don’t understand, LOL. The “NCAA Violations” were secondary violations, which if you bothered to check out you would see that Alabama has WAY MORE of those violations than Auburn, at least since Saban got there. We may or may not be playing for championships in the near future, but no one knows, because ??? its the future!!!! It all depends on who we hire, who that person hires as assistants, what sort of scheme they bring to Auburn, how good they are as a recruiter, and how the current players and recruits react to their leadership style. That’s a lot of variables and anyone who says or thinks they know what’s going to happen at Auburn before they even know who gets hired as coach is a moron. BTW: You seem really concerned about Cam’s “Juice” running out, which seems pretty homoerotic to me, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the only thing “criminal” about him is the way he made you his prison GF. Sweet Cammy Cam dreams.

  9. Meg says:

    Auburn has not had a chance to interview Strong… It’s solely based on they want him… As an auburn fan.. I know this.. His frustration is correct.. There has been no interview.. Because of these reports, there obviously won’t be one now.. And it’s because of all heresy… Fellow fans should have let the people just interview instead of making up one..

  10. Tony747 says:

    Ok Heath, I know everybodys already got you but here goes. First, about Cam and your dream juice. I think its cool that hes losing it and is still knocking out the stats like he is. This week he got NFC player of the week (in this weeks WIN) with 4 TDs (2 passing, 2 rushing) no interceptions. He ONLY had 300yds passing, and over 50 rushing. In his first 2 years he is knocking down the stats that only the best in the NFL have in their first 2 years. In 2 years through week 12, he ONLY has 32 TDs, and ONLY 20 of those on the ground, Oh yeah and all that is as a stuggling YOUNG QB. Now 2nd about Auburn. I can admit this is a bad year. I luv my Tigers but also hope Bama keeps the beloved crystal ball in our beautiful state. Theres only been one week this year that I havent pulled for Bama, but idiots like you dont understand how that works. As a matter of fact if Bama players n coaches read your comments they would probably ask you to SHUT UP because you make Bama look bad. Dont woory all other Bama fans I know we all have the idiots. I understand that the only time Heath has probably even touched a football is when he unwrapped it and started playing catch with his dog. Hey,,,, I know,,,,maybe this year Heath you can ask Santa to send you a friend that can throw it back to you. Now I watched my boy Cam Monday night, and now Im gonna watch my boy Julio shred the Saints. PEACE