A three-spot from the UK basketball media opp

The Hi-Top Fade is gone.

Here are three quick things from Kentucky’s basketball media opp today previewing the Notre Dame game.

1. “Archie’s our point guard.” That’s what John Calipari said. Ryan Harrow is back and he was made available to we media for the first time today. The sophomore said that he for some reason has this unexplained illness about this time of year. He said the pressure of playing at UK may have played a role, but it was not the reason he became ill. It’s happened before, he said.

Meanwhile, when asked about Goodwin benefitting from experience of being point guard while Harrow was out, Calipari said, “Archie’s our point guard.” He said they now have three point guards with Goodwin, Harrow and Jarrod Polson. He said he could now play two on the floor at the same time, which he said has been true of his best teams. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Calipari said he may throw Harrow in the Notre Dame game on Thursday just two see how the sophomore does.

2. Figure it out by February. Calipari said that he’s getting the feeling now that it will be February before he figures out how his team should play, etc. He’s not crazy about that, but it is what it is. He said that someone told him that right now UK is the third most efficient offensive team in the country and the ninth most efficient team overall. “There must be some inefficient teams out there,” he said.

But if UK is just “ok” right now, according to Cal, where might it be come February when he gets it all figured out. “We could be very good,” he said.

3. Calipari said he thought Louisville’s move to the ACC was good. He said the ‘Ville was being left out and now “They’re not left out. They must have bumped somebody and took their chair.” He also sees it as another step toward what he predicted before — four super conferences of 16 teams. Although today, Calipari said it might be 80 or 84 teams overall. Now that’s expansion.

One more thing: The text that Dick Vitale said he got from Calipari during last night’s Indiana-North Carolina game saying that UK would play Indiana in the Barclays Center, Calipari said he sent that text “almost three weeks ago.” Calipari said he was sleeping during IU-UNC.


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