What would you think of (a) the Mark Stoops hire?

Update: For those who haven’t heard, Mark Stoops is expected to be named Kentucky’s next football coach. Click here for H-L report on Stoops hire. Reports here and here and here.

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that Kentucky is hiring Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops to be its new football coach.

I’m on board with that, as I said in my Monday column. He has the background. He has the recruiting ties. I like the fact that he his background is on the defensive side of the all. Offense sells tickets. Defense wins titles.

So what would you think of a Mark Stoops hire?

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  1. operationruse says:

    Just like recruiting classes, there are two ways to look at coaching hires: prospectively and retrospectively. Prospectively, I would give this a B+ to an A- at this time (subject to future inflation depending on his assistants–Coley jumps it up to an A minimum). Prospectively, I would have given Rich Brooks a much lower grade than Joker, but we see how their tenures turned out to go the opposite directions in retrospect.

  2. Charlie Yonts says:

    I am very pleased; he is a big time coordinator at a big time school in the South, and has significant ties with recruiting in the South. Go Cats!!!

  3. Pressguy says:

    You can’t hire a guy from a power program and expect him to know how to win at UK. This guy doesn’t know how to recruit to a program top-tier players don’t already want to come to. Sure, he’s a fine coach with a bunch of 4- and 5-star guys running aournd. How will he do with a bunch of 2 and 3 stars?

    Barnhart is an idiot.

  4. MSUandUKfan says:

    I (would) like it, as long as he and UK land a quality offensive coordinator as well. I admire how Stoops has so quickly bolstered FSU’s defense. I like his wide-ranging recruiting connections. I like his experience with a number of major-college programs. The Stoops name alone carries credibility and instant recognition in college coaching circles. The biggest red flag I see is that Stoops has coached football for more than two decades, including stints at some high-profile football schools, and this is/would be his first head-coaching job. I’m not sure that qualifies him as a “rising star”, perhaps more as a coach who has finally arrived.

  5. Dini says:

    He has the potential to be a good hire. Naysayers are just that.

  6. Bear Bryant is not walking through that door... says:

    I dont care what the fans think. Former players and other knowledgeable football people think it is a good hire. So do I.