A UK football coaching search update

Here’s what I’m hearing this morning:

Despite reports to the contrary, Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops is still very much in play to be Joker Phillips’ replacement at Kentucky. San Jose State coach Mike MacIntyre is also very much a candidate for the job.

Stoops is preparing for the ACC Championship game in which Florida State plays Georgia Tech on Saturday. MacIntyre just completed a 10-2 season at San Jose State after the Spartans won just one game two seasons ago.

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  1. operationruse says:

    Thanks very much for the update Mr. Clay.

    Who do you think the clubhouse favorite is? I would assume Stoops, right? Otherwise, we would probably already have a deal done with MM (assuming he would take it) because SJSU has no more games left until Bowl whereas the ACC championship game is this weekend.

    This is really somewhat of a toss up to me. MM has proven ability as a head coach and has turned around a program, but I think his recruiting is an unknown. It appears as if most of his assistants will not be able to come with him because they are west coast guys with no ties to the south. This means he will (like Stoops) also have to do some hiring, but unlike Stoops he has not been in the region in three years.

    Stoops seems to have the recruiting and defensive coaching chops but he has never been “the guy.” Also, he is somewhat up there in age and has never been a head coach, so I think that always raises some questions. That being said, I think Stoops has more potential to assemble a good recruiting staff thanks to his current job (a la Charlie Strong when he got the Louisville job and was Florida coordinator) and family name/connections.

  2. John Clay says:

    My guess is that Stoops is the leader.

  3. Taylor Graham says:

    I’d be satisfied with Mark Stoops, but would probably prefer Mike McIntyre. Going from 1 victory to 10 in three years is quite an accomplishment regardless of where it occurred. Just hope it’s not another old guy playing out the string (Jerry Claiborne/Rich Brooks.) I liked both of them, but am hoping for some young blood wanting to win something, not just to be competitive.

  4. John Clay says:

    Like MacIntyre but prefer Stoops.

  5. operationruse says:

    Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. If we want to improve, those are the first three answers as to how. Stoops appears to be a potentially stronger recruiter than MM, particularly if he brings James Coley the current OC who is reputed to be a very good recruiter and rumored to be at odds with Jimbo over playcalling discretion. I was certainly not impressed with the coaching of the last staff but remember that they acknowledged that they had better results with Randle Cobb, Andre Woodson, and Wesley Woodyard types. We have tried “coaching up” less talented players for a while now. I think it is time to head in a different direction.