John Calipari on Ryan Harrow situation

From the UK transcript of John Calipari’s post-game press conference:

Q. Can you update a little on Ryan Harrow?

COACH CALIPARI: Yeah, he practiced for two days. I say, “practiced” in the facility with us. He called yesterday and said, “Coach I’ve got an issue I’ve got to deal with, and my mom is here, and I’ve got to deal with it.”

If I knew more, I would keep it from you, but I don’t know more.

Q. Question regarding when Ryan Harrow would return to the team …

COACH CALIPARI: Yes, it should be this weekend. It may be Friday but I don’t know. We all love the kid, we want him to do well, we’re trying to walk him through this. Mom is a little concerned; he’s a great kid. We need him, but it’s bigger than basketball for me.

You want the kid to be right, and you want to make sure in his mind he’s right.

Q. You’ve said that Kentucky is not for everyone. Is Ryan struggling with the adjustment of this?

COACH CALIPARI: I don’t think so. No, I don’t think it’s that. Might be some of it, but I don’t believe that. He was getting better; that’s the sad thing about it. He had I was all over him.

I just saw Alex’s father and I said, “You know, I’m on him half the game, and he’s playing better and better, but he’s only 50% of the way there now.”

His dad said, “That’s why he came here. He wanted to be challenged, and he wanted to be coached, and he wanted to be pushed, and that’s what my son needed.”

They know that coming here. This is an open book; this is not we embellish and we don’t do it. So I think he’s fine. My hope is he comes back this weekend, and he’s got to start on the road getting with the team and practicing and seeing where we are. His weight is still down, though.


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