E-mailbag: Taking up for SEC basketball

After my notes column this morning, Jared e-mails to take up for SEC basketball.

To your last statement about SEC basketball: A&M, Auburn, and Mississippi State are your examples of why the SEC is going to be bad in basketball? Why don’t we all pick the bottom 3 teams in each league and look at their results as determining the strength of a conference? As for the Tennessee result…OK State beat #6 and national title contender NC State by 20 the next night. Moving on to my point…Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee will all end up being good NCAA Tourney teams (Missouri, Florida, and Kentucky really good).

Two teams that will really make this league stronger that no one is paying attention to right now are Alabama and Ole Miss. Ole Miss has been on the bubble, but added the JUCO player of the year, Marshall Henderson, to boost a solid group of veterans. Alabama was expected to be pretty good. The SEC is going to have its best year in basketball in a while and it is insulting that you would use the results of the 3 of the 4 worst teams as evidence of the league having another weak year.

Please understand that this is not an attack, but a critique. I look forward to next week’s notes.

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