Reading specialist says UNC tolerated cheating

Mary Willingham, a reading specialist who works at the University of North Carolina, says the school tolerated cheating when athletes were involved.

This is more fallout from the ongoing academic scandal at the Chapel Hill school.

Among Willingham’s assertions to the Raleigh News and Observer:

• Members of the men’s basketball team took no-show classes until the fall semester of 2009, when the team was assigned a new academic counselor. The new counselor was appalled to learn of the classes, and wanted no part of them. University records show the enrollments stopped that semester for basketball players, while they continued for football players.

• Numerous football and basketball players came to the university with academic histories that showed them incapable of doing college-level work, especially at one of the nation’s top public universities. Diagnostic tests administered by the university confirmed their lack of preparedness and also identified learning disabilities that would need extensive remediation to put them on a successful academic path.

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