The Bobby Petrino backers are out in full force

The Bobby Petrino backers went to work over the weekend, pushing a get-out-the-vote movement for the UK football coach opening. Joe B. Hall went on record as supporting the former Arkansas coach. Hall’s son-in-law is UK offensive line coach Mike Summers, who was Petrino’s OL coach at Louisville, Atlanta and Arkansas.

And I got this e-mail from a Petrino supporter:

John, if I remember correctly you are against BP coming to Kentucky, correct?

If so are you in the tank for the AD?

If not and you want to do the right thing and agree to give the guy a chance, I would appreciate you writing a positive article because the press has the power to get him hired. Or not.

We need your help with this, he has made mistakes and is remorseful. Common sense says he has one more chance to prove his character has changed.

Nobody wants to give him a chance. we are KENTUCKY and we cant be choosy. We need to roll the dice and bring him in.

Nobody is perfect. certainly not I.

 Will you help us?

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