Grantland’s Mark Titus isn’t sold on this UK team

Mark Titus, the former Ohio State walk-on and author of the Club Trillion blog, writes for Grantland that he doesn’t think this current Kentucky basketball team will be anywhere near as good as last year’s Kentucky basketball team, the one that won the title.

An excerpt:

While watching Kentucky’s 72-69 win against Maryland Friday night, it was evident that this Wildcats team will never be nearly as good as last year’s Kentucky squad. The obvious rebuttal to this is that Friday’s game was this group’s first game together. Over the course of the year, we can expect them to learn to play together and everything in Lexington will once again be roses. My counter to this is Jarrod Polson. Under no circumstances (including the starting point guard battling the flu) would last year’s team ever have needed a former walk-on to save their asses like Polson did on Friday night, when he was Kentucky’s third-leading scorer while leading the team in assists. This isn’t a dig at Polson, but rather a statement on how much further along Kentucky was at this point last year.

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