E-mailbag: Build it and they will come

David writes:

As to your contention that UK football is not a good job….true, no fertile recruiting base….neither is Boise, Idaho….neither is Manhattan, Kansas (or wherever Kansas State is)….it makes it a lot easier to recruit when your university is in Florida or South Carolina….but it’s not impossible….for the most part, kids commit to play for a coach, not ol’ state U. There’s not one KY kid that plays minutes for UK’s basketball team…Cal brings ‘em in from all over (I know basketball & football are different animals) but the basic truth remains the same….kids are attracted to the coach and where they perceive the coach can take them in their career….you cited Kentucky’s lack of producing 5* recruits….doesn’t seem to be bothering Charlie Strong any…what’s the old cliché’….”build it and they will come”….well I say “Hire “THE MAN” and they will come.

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