Bobby Petrino’s ulterior motive

As could be expected, a hot Thursday topic has been the father of Bobby Petrino telling the Courier-Journal’s Adam Himmelbach that his son needs a job and wants the Kentucky job.

But does he really?

Kent Spencer tweets this morning that he talked to members in the Petrino camp who are upset that the elder Petrino went public with the son’s feelings about the UK opening, created when Joker Phillips received his walking papers on Sunday.

Knowing the way coaches and their agents work, however, this may have more to do with Petrino trying to send a message to possible suitors that he means business about getting back into the fray in 2013.

Chief among the intended targets could be Auburn, which may or may not pull out the pink slip for delivery to head coach Gene Chizik, whose team is reeling at 2-7 overall and 0-for-the-SEC heading into Saturday’s game with Georgia.

Petrino was an assistant at Auburn. As head coach at Louisville, he infamously sat for that clandestine interview with Auburn officials to talk about the head coaching position while his former boss, Tommy Tuberville, was still the head coach at Auburn.

Auburn is a better job than the Kentucky job, and Auburn no doubt wants someone who can go toe-to-toe with Nick Saban and not someone, like Chizik, who had one great year with one great player, but has been mediocre to now awful since.

So did Mr. Petrino really speak out of turn Wednesday? Or was he purposely trying to send a message?

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