David Cutcliffe isn’t talking about Kentucky

Duke head coach David Cutcliffe was asked today on the ACC teleconference about the opening at Kentucky.┬áHere’s his answer:

“I don’t really have a planned message. I haven’t to this point felt the need to bring it up to them. But we’re totally focused on what we’re doing at Duke, and have no interest in talking about anything else otherwise. I think our players trust me in that regard and know that’s a sincere statement.

“So I would leave it at that. … We love where we are and what we’re doing. We have an incredible relationship with what we hope our potential players are in the future. So we feel very strongly about that.”

UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart made a run at Cutcliffe in 2002 when the former Tennessee offensive coordinator was the head coach at Ole Miss. Barnhart is a former assistant AD at Tennessee.

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  1. David says:

    I hope this is not the guy and that Kentucky is thinking about hiring and wish barhart would search for a head coach a little bit bigger than this. Why in football does he think so small. I see nothing big jumping out at me here.

    Career Record: 12 Years, 65-66,.496 W-L% (Major Schools) an overall losing record.

    He will never succeed to bring Kentucky where we football ticket holders and K-fund donors want to be. Barnhart open up that pocket book and spend $4million and get us a big name coach. Kentucky needs to think of big name like Gruden, Dungy, Parcells or Petrino.

  2. steve in Dayton says:

    At first I thought the previous poster was all wet, but after further consideration, I have no arguments with what he says. I like the list of possibilities.

  3. eddie says:

    this is not a home run hire mitch he is this season 0-3 vs the top 25 he will be trying to look for the next eli manning but he will not find it here with all due respect to the qb’s here they are not eli manning and not only that he has heath issues what are you going to do if he has a heart attack on the kentucky sideline’s think to you’re self this is free pr for me? that’s selfish of anyone and we will still be doormats for georgia flordia and most likley tennessee and this time you will not a win over them again do not do this do not hire this man mitch or maybe you’re the one who could be fired.