Mike Leach having rough first year at Washington State

(AP photo)

A lot of people are still talking up the name Mike Leach for the Kentucky football opening, but the Washington State coach has had a brutal first year in the Pac-12.

His Cougars dropped to 2-7 overall and 0-6 in the conference thanks to a 49-6 drubbing at Utah last Saturday. It was WSU’s sixth straight loss, all of them conference games.

To make matters worse, Leach’s formerly high-powered offense has scored just 46 points in its last four games. It ranks 99th out of 120 teams nationally in total offense.

And Washington State is 102nd in the nation in pass efficiency offense, which has always been Leach’s calling card as a coach.

Plus, the former UK assistant isn’t taking it well. He called his team’s effort against Utah “pitiful.” He called his offensive line “heartless.”

“Right now we’re a team that doesn’t give a good effort,” said Leach after the loss, “which means all of the stuff that we do in the weight room and in the meeting rooms and the practices is a waste of time if we don’t give good effort.”

To make matters worse, there are reports that the team’s best receiver, Marques Wilson, walked out of practice and quit on Sunday. The school announced Monday that Wilson has been suspended.

This is the same Washington State that lost to an awful Colorado team, at home, 35-34 earlier in the year.

Would Leach listen if Kentucky asked? The word is he would. But will Kentucky ask, and should it ask considering the controversy that seems to surround the coach who was fired at Texas Tech?

By the way, Leach’s annual salary at WSU is $2.5 million.

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  1. operationruse says:

    One question. What’s his playcalling like? I kid.

    Leach seems to be having a tough time motivating that crew. The player bashing stuff gets magnified when teams are losing. If they were winning, nobody would care. Thought it seemed like the perfect move last year, but I think we can do better now that the fans have motivated the administration to at least look like they are going to get serious. Plus, it seems like we could get a younger more energetic air raid disciple without all the baggage (Sonny Dykes, Kingsbury, Brown).