Charlie Pierce makes an election night joke about Kentucky

The great Charlie Pierce makes a joke about his old buddy John Calipari.

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  1. Tom says:

    Hey, he’s probably telling the truth!

  2. Cat Scratch Fever says:

    Jealous aren’t they?

  3. Juan4UK says:

    “The Great” Charlie Pierce! Hmmm, wonder how to read that. A reader of local sports coverage who is a bit of a pessimist, might reply “There’s no wonder that local writers have been cut off at the knees with access”.
    On the other hand, a long time reader of John Clay might say, “What does John mean by that? Why would he just float that out there like that?”
    Because there is nothing great about Pierce that I can see.

  4. John Clay says:

    I think Charlie is a great writer. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I admire his writing.

  5. John Clay says:

    And if I based my writing on worrying about access, I wouldn’t be giving my readers what I really think, would I?