Liveblog: Reds-Giants Game 5 updates

I'm back at Great American Ball Park for Cincinnati-San Francisco Game 5. You can follow me on twitter at @johnclayiv. Or check here for updates.

  • Reds first NL team to have a 2-0 lead and lost an NLDS.
  • Giants win 6-4.
  • Rolen strikes out to end it.
  • Bruce fouls off eight pitches, runs count full, then flies out to left. Reds down to final out. Rolen up.
  • Ludwick singles in Cozart from second to make it 6-4. Votto at 2B. Bruce up.
  • Cozart draws one-out walk, then Votto singles for Reds in bottom of 9th.
  • Giants out in 9th.
  • Navarro makes great diving catch on Navarro's blooper. Reds again strand two runners. That's nine for the game.
  • One out later, Frazier singles to center. Rolen goes to second.
  • Rolen bloops a one-out single to center in Reds' 8th.

  • Giants strand a runner at third in top of eighth.
  • Votto singles up middle, moving Phillips to second. But Ludwick grounds ball back to Affeldt to end inning. Giants still up 6-3 after 7.
  • Phillips hits one-out single to right in Cincinnati 7th.
  • Marshall retires Giants in order in 7th.
  • Kontos comes on and Stubbs grounds out to end inning. Giants 6-3 after 6 innings.
  • Hanigan takes a called strike three and Bruce, who was running on the pitch, is thrown out at third base in a caught stealing by Posey. Now two out with Rolen at second, who was also running.
  • Rolen singles up middle. Runners at 1st and 2nd. No outs in bottom of 6th.
  • After Ludwick's homer, Bruce draws a walk.
  • Ludwick starts Cincinnati sixth with a home run. Reds cut lead to 6-3.
  • Sean Marshall comes in and retires Giants in order in the sixth. Fans last two.
  • Cozart flies to center and Votto grounds to short to end the 5th. Giants hold a four-run lead.
  • Phillips doubles in two runs and Reds cut it to 6-2 in 5th. Still batting.
  • LeCure gets last two batters but the damage is done. Giants up 6-0 in the middle of the fifth.
  • Posey hits a grand slam homer off Latos and GABP is deflated as Giants now up 6-0 in the 5th. Ball went 434 feet. Latos gone. He pitched 4.1 innings, allowing seven hits and six runs. Wheels fell off here in the fifth.
  • Sandoval singles and Giants have bases loaded for Posey here in the 5th.
  • Scutaro walks on four pitches.
  • With one out, Pagan hits grounder to drawn-in Cozart, but shortstop ends up dropping ball while trying to decide what to do. Crawford scores from third. Giants up 2-0.
  • Crawford triples in Blanco to make it 1-0 Giants.
  • Blanco singles to lead off San Francisco 5th. First leadoff hitter to reach for Giants.
  • Cain pitch count by innings: 19-14-6-8 = 47
  • Reds waste a two-out single by Bruce in 4th. Rolen hits into a fielders choice to Sandoval, with Bruce forced at second. Reds have just 2 hits through 4 innings. No score at GABP.
  • Bruce singles with two outs in the Cincinnati 4th.
  • Latos pitch count by innings: 12-12-11-19 = 54.
  • After Pence reaches on a two-out infield single, Latos fans Belt to end top of 4th. No score. Latos has four strike outs through four innings. Giants have now left three on base.
  • Pence gets a two-out single for Giants in top of the fourth.
  • Through three innings, Latos has thrown 35 pitches. Cain has thrown 39.
  • Cain retires Reds in order in bottom of the third. Both Latos and Cain are off to strong starts. No score after 3.
  • Giants go in order in top of the third. Latos has retired eight in a row. No score going to bottom of 3rd.
  • Rolen gets lead-off walk, but Hanigan bounces into a double play. Stubbs takes called strike 3. No score after 2.
  • Giants go in order in the second. Still no score.
  • In Cincinnati first, Reds pick up where they left off last night, stranding runners. Matt Cain fans first Ludwick and then Bruce to leave runners at first and second. The Reds left eight runners on base the first four innings on Wednesday. No score after 1 inning.
  • In Giants' first, Marco Scutaro and Pablo Sandoval stroke one-out singles off Reds' starter Mat Latos, but the right-hander gets Buster Posey on a harmless fly to center, then gets Hunter Pence to pop out to Zach Cozart in shallow left.
  • First pitch is scheduled for 1:07 p.m.


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