Liveblog: Reds-Giants NLDS Game 3

I’m at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati where I’ll be providing updates on Game 3 of the NL Division Series between the Reds and Giants.

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Pre-game notes:

  • Reports that Johnny Cueto has a mild oblique strain and there are conflicting reports as to whether he could possibly start Game 4 on Wednesday.
  • There are also reports that Mat Latos has flu-like symptoms.
  • If the Giants win tonight, Game 4 will start at 4:07 on Wednesday.
  • Giants lineup: 1. Pagan (8) 2. Scutaro (4) 3. Sandoval (5) 4. Posey (2) 5. Pence (9) 6. Belt (3) 7. Blanco (7) 8. Crawford (6) 9. Vogelsong (1)
  • Reds lineup: 1. Phillips (4) 2. Cozart (6) 3. Votto (3) 4. Ludwick (7) 5. Bruce (9) 6. Rolen (5) 7. Hanigan (2) 8. Stubbs (8) 9. Bailey (1)
  • Nick Lachey sang the national anthem.
  • Tom Browning threw out the first pitch.

Giants 1st — Pagan leads off against Bailey with a fly ball to left. Scutaro flies out to center. Sandoval strikes out on a 3-2 pitch. Bailey throws all of 12 pitches.

Reds 1st — Phillips singles up the middle off Vogelsong to start the inning for Reds. Phillips now 6-for-11 in the playoffs. Phillips steals second but tries to take third when ball gets past catcher Posey, who recovers and throws Phillips out at third base. Cozart walks. Votto flies out to left. Ludwick singles to left. Cozart to second base. Bruce strokes single to right. Cozart scores. Ludwick to second. Reds up 1-0. Rolen takes a called strike three on a 3-2 pitch.

Giants 2nd — Bailey strikes out Posey to start inning. He then fans to Pence for second out. Belt pops out to left where Ludwick makes a running catch just before the foul line.

Reds 2nd — Pence makes a sliding grab in foul territory in right field off ball hit by Hanigan. Stubbs grounds out to Sandoval at third. Bailey strikes out to end inning.

Giants 3rd –– Bailey hits Blanco with second pitch to start the inning. Crawford walks. Vogelsong sacrafices back to Bailey, moving Blanco to third and Crawford to second. Pagan hits sac fly to center scoring Blanco to tie it 1-1. Scutaro then grounds to Phillips to end inning.

Reds 3rd — Phillips strikes out to lead off inning. Cozart  flies to left. Votto walks. Ludwick walks. Bruce flies out to left to strand two.

Giants 4th — Sandoval fouls out to Rolen. Bailey fans Posey and Pence.

Reds 4th — Rolen fans. Hanigan lines out right at Scutaro at second base. Stubbs skies to right to end inning. Vogelsong has not allowed a hit since Bruce’s RBI single in the first.

Giants 5th — Bailey strikes out side, fanning Belt (looking), Blanco (swinging) and Crawford (check-swing). Bailey has fanned five in a row and eight on the night. Giants still without a hit.

Reds 5th — Bailey grounds out to Crawford at short to start the inning. Phillips appears to suffer a cramp after second pitch of his at-bat. He stays in game and grounds out to Sandoval at third. Cozart fans to end inning. Reds have three hits on the night, all in the first inning.

Giants 6th — Pinch-hitter Huff fans for Bailey’s sixth straight K. Pagan grounds out to second. Scutaro singles to right, but Sandoval flies out to left on first pitch.

Reds 6th — Affeldt on to pitch for Giants. Votto and Ludwick both ground out. Then Bruce is hit by a pitch. Rolen reaches on an infield single to third. Bruce advances to second base. But Hanigan grounds out to Scutaro to end the inning and strand two. Still a 1-1 tie.

Giants 7th — Posey grounds out to short. Pence starts off at 2-0 in the count and then lines out to right. Bailey has 10 strike outs on the night.

Reds 7th — Stubbs grounds out to short. Frazier pinch-hits for Bailey and grounds out to second. Phillips fans.

Giants 8th — Marshall on for Reds. He fans Nady, then gets Arias to line to right. The third pinch-hitter in the inning, Theriot grounds out to short.

Reds 8th — Casilla on to pitch for Giants. Cozart flies out to deep center. Votto walks. Ludwick strikes out on a 3-2 pitch. Javier Lopez, a lefty, replaces Casilla. He gets Bruce to hit a flair into left that is caught by shortstop.

Giants 9th — Chapman on for Reds. He fans Pagan to start inning. Scutaro pops to Votto at first. Sandoval strikes out.

Reds 9th — Romo pitching for Giants. Rolen fouls out to left. Hanigan flies to center. Stubbs pops to second baseman.

Giants 10th — Broxton pitching for Reds. Posey leads off with single to right. Pence singles to left. Belt fans. Nady fans. But Hanigan passed ball allows runners to move up. Then Arias hits grounder that Rolen boots, allowing go-ahead run to score for 2-1 Giants lead. Romo fans to end inning.

Reds 10th — Pinch-hitter Paul dribbles out to Sandoval at third. Phillips skies out to left. Cozart grounds back to pitcher for final out.

Giants win 2-1. 



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