Update: UK’s smallest crowds since stadium expansion

Saturday’s announced crowd of 49,498 for UK-Mississippi State was third smallest since Commonwealth Stadium was expanded for the 1999 season. All three of those crowds have come this season.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Is the LHL taking these numbers at face value from the UK Athletic Department? Why doesn’t there seem to be a questioning of the UK Sports Information people regarding the disparity between the # of tickets sold and the actual # of people in the seats? I seem to remember Mr. Tipton doing an article a few years back regarding the disparity in numbers reported by the UK Athletic Department for basketball games. He, in my opinion, “correctly” called them out on reporting sell-outs for basketball games (based upon # of tickets sold) when in-fact it was very obvious that hundreds of seats were left empty in Rupp Arena. I applauded him on being honest with us at that time. However, why is this not being pointed-out on the football side of things today? Is there a double-standard here?

  2. John Clay says:

    Figure announced is tickets sold.