What the web is saying about the Harrison twins

A sample of what the web is saying about the Harrison twins’ announcement today, scheduled for 5 p.m. on ESPNU.

Gary Parrish of CBS Sports:

So who’s gonna win?

Will it be the biggest and baddest recruiter the sport has ever seen or the still relatively young shoe company that A) was founded by a Maryland graduate, B) now outfits the Maryland athletic department and C) spent the past two summers funding a summer team led by the Harrison Twins and run by their father? Will it be Coach One-and-Done or the school connected to a company that employs somebody named Chris Hightower, whom Aaron Harrison Sr. acknowledged to USA Today is the only adult who was allowed to directly contact his sons throughout most of their recruitment? Will it be The Swoosh or We Must Protect this House?

I’m honestly not sure.

Tom Curley and Cody Poter of the Kentucky Kernel:

A Wednesday night report by Cats Illustrated said Andrew and Aaron Harrison made a decision on their choice of school, according to an unspecified source.

Not long thereafter, information began to filter out via Twitter that the source informed the site that UK was their choice.

“This report is not true,” Aaron Harrison Sr. said via text to the Kernel later in the evening.

Rick Bozich of WDRB:

Where will they play college ball?

John Calipari, Kentucky (and Nike) or Under Armour, Maryland (and Mark Turgeon)?

“You know I’m Louisville through and through,” McCray said. “I’m still upset we didn’t beat Kentucky in the Final Four. We could have won that game.

“But how could they not go to Kentucky? How many one-and-dones has Calipari had the last three years? (Eight, including three this season). How could anybody predict Maryland over Kentucky?”

Andy Katz of ESPN:

Maryland coach Mark Turgeon made his final plea to the Harrison twins — Andrew and Aaron — on Wednesday with a visit in Texas, hoping they would commit to the Terps on Thursday at 5 p.m. on ESPNU. Turgeon has poured quite a bit of time since his arrival in College Park to try to lure the potentially game-changing brothers. If he loses, it will be to Kentucky, so he can’t really complain. But it will be hard for Maryland to come up with a plan B. The drop-off from the Harrison twins is quite steep. They have the potential to be ACC championship-caliber players — much more than just recruits who will be solid players that keep Maryland in the mix.

Don Markus of the Baltimore Sun:

Lucas told me last week that the Harrisons were the only high school players he allowed to work out with pros he trains since Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Bryant was in high school outside Philadelphia when Lucas coached the 76ers and LeBron James was in high school in Akron and worked out with the Cleveland Cavaliers when Lucas coached there. Lucas was fined substantially by the league for James’ workout.

Lucas also told me Monday that he believed a decision had been reached – he wouldn’t disclose which way the Harrisons were leaning – but the last-minute visit by Turgeon and Ranson might indicate that they were leaning toward the Wildcats to play for John Calipari.

Eric Prisbell of USA Today:

Harrison Sr. emphasized that there is no division within the family on the decision and that the decision belongs to his sons, who are likely to spend just one year in college before jumping to the NBA.

The attention on the Harrisons has intensified in recent weeks. Harrison Sr. said that he got at least 65 calls from media Web sites alone Tuesday.

Dave Telep of ESPN:

When you think about it, there are two distinct programs in play here in Kentucky and Maryland. At the end of the day, the culmination of each team’s recruiting pitch is similar. These kids are going to be successful for a brief time in college and both will be NBA players. The pitch to the boys centers around being as successful as possible for the brief time they’re in college. No one’s kidding themselves here.

Adam Zagoria of Zagsblog:

“If they pick Kentucky it’s a logical move because since [head coach] John [Calipari]‘s been at Kentucky the kids have done well,” Vaccaro told SNY.tv from his California home. “His teams have won a national championship. It’s a logical move.

“The surprise would be if they didn’t pick Kentucky. Kentucky almost has to win [the battle for the twins]– no matter what the gain is — to show that they’re not losing it.”

Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports:

Jason Jordan of USA Today:

City League Hoops:

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