ESPN does its three big things on Kentucky basketball

In its continuing “three big things” series, ESPN’s college basketball blog examines Kentucky.

An Eamonn Brennan excerpt:

Still, there are questions, and the questions are fair. This is a whole new team, a whole new ballgame, and before all is said and done, Calipari might have the Wildcats playing a whole new offensive style. It would hardly come as a surprise.

What I do know is this: Calipari teams always defend. Every season, he gets his group of freshmen and a few veterans together, and every season, he drills them into playing elite-level defense. We’ve been over this before. Per Ken Pomeroy’s adjusted defensive efficiency, since 2006, Calipari hasn’t fielded a defense at either UK or Memphis ranked outside the nation’s 15 best. Only twice (the 2011 Wildcats and the 2007 Tigers) has his defense ranked outside the top 10.

Brennan also has five questions with John Calipari.


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