Editorial: Hard evidence confirms UNC’s woes

With Mark Emmert confirming that North Carolina could face sanctions for academic fraud, the Raleigh News and Observer has written an interesting editorial about the North Carolina academic scandal.

An excerpt:

Consider a course titled AFRI 370, an upper-level course for seniors in African and Afro-American Studies that was listed as including “lectures, readings and research projects.” But there were no lectures and no required reading, and among the students enrolled were several freshman football players who struggled to read and write on a college level. This in a seniors’ course.

Although the information examined by The N&O didn’t by any means include all football players, it does rightly raise suspicions and deepens the cynicism of those who wonder how many more problems will turn up as investigations proceed.

The N&O’s latest dismaying report should get the attention of the NCAA, college sports’ governing body, which, according to UNC-CH officials, did not believe the issues that have arisen constituted violations.


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