Guess what, Kentucky still has the same football coach

Have to admit, I was amused by the internet back-and-forth Friday about this so-called rumor from so-called sources that UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart had already met with Joker Phillips and told the UK football coach he would not be retained at the end of the season.

Be serious. What athletic director after four games is going to tell a head coach he is gone at the end of the year? Makes absolutely no sense. There are eight games to go in the season. What if the coach turns things around? What if the team goes on a long winning streak? Where does that leave the AD? Where would that leave the relationship between the two men?

A meeting didn’t happen. A decision hasn’t been made. Neither is going to happen anytime soon.

Is Phillips’ job in jeopardy. Of course. He’s 12-17 in his first 29 games and coming off an overtime home loss to Western Kentucky and a 38-0 shutout at Florida. He has suffered a losing season the last two seasons and UK did not make it to a bowl game last year for the first time in six years.

The off-the-record reports before we’re even made it to October are meaningless, however. The speculation about a new coach is worthless speculation. It’s all message board fodder that’s best left to the message boards. It’s also people trying to give you the impression they know the inside story.

Here’s the real inside story: Kentucky has a football coach and it has eight games left to play. Anything else right now is just talk.

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