Kentucky’s defense has to do better on third-and-short

One of Kentucky’s problems stopping the run has involved stopping the run on third-and-manageable and third-and-short situations.

Through the first three games, if it is third or fourth down and the yardage to go is four yards or less, opponents have successfully picked up the first down on 11 of 14 occasions.

If you take out fourth down situations, and it is third down and four yards or less, opponents have converted nine of 11 for first downs.

Here’s the chart (and fifth quarter is overtime, by the way):

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  1. Ryan says:


    With all due respect, I would like to add to your initial observations about Kentucky’s defensive statistical analysis. Here are some other down and distance situations that they need to improve upon:

    1st and 10
    2nd and 10
    3rd and 10

    1st and long
    2nd and long
    3rd and long

    1st and mid
    2nd and mid
    3rd and mid

    2nd and short

    And finally…….2-point conversion defense when it’s practically obvious to the entire audience that the offense is going to run a trick play. I mean seriously, I think Jakes could have signed a few autographs and written his mid-term paper before he decided to step in to the end zone on that play. That sir, is an abomination.

  2. John Clay says:

    With all due respect, I don’t disagree.