“Bulletin board material” gives way to billboards and twitter

Kids have their twitter accounts. Adults have their billboards. Which is worse?

After practice on Wednesday, UK football coach Joker Phillips said he was instituting a twitter ban for his players both 24 hours before and 24 hours after a game.

This comes after freshman punter Landon Foster sent out a tweet before Sunday's game calling Louisville a trash dump. Then after the game, freshman running back Dyshawn Mobley tweeted out his displeasure at getting into the game for just three plays, calling it BS.

Ah, but what about that Louisville-Lexington controversy over the summer about fans buying billboards touting their favorite school in the rival school's backyard?

Just this week there was an SEC controversy over a billboard in Gainesville that touted Texas A&M as the “cleanest program” in its new league. It was apparently bought by a Texas A&M alum and had nothing to do with the university.

Coaches used to worry about players and fans creating “bulletin board material” for the opposing team. Now they have to worry about billboards. And twitter.

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