Has the UK-U of L football series hurt Kentucky?

Mark sent along this e-mail before yesterday’s Kentucky-Louisville game:


How has the UK – UL football series helped UK? I don’t see how it has benefited UK in any way. It has only helped U of L since the inception of the series. Look at where their program was then and where it is now. Now they have more exposure than ever before and they now have their pick of Kentucky high school players that they didn’t have before. The series has not helped high school football in the state at all but it does give the good players another choice of a Div. 1 program to consider if they don’t like UK. Even if UK would win 9 out of 10 games against U of L it would not help them in any way. They would still be a part of the SEC and be on TV just for their association to that conference. Louisville has built a new stadium and even expanded it since the series began with UK. Now I know why we were so reluctant to play this series for so long. UK has nothing to gain by playing them but U of L has plenty to gain and it has taken advantage of the series to their benefit. It would be interesting to see what your readers would say about this.


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